Dedicated to the brave men and women who risked it all so that all might vote.

Why I Vote

Why I Vote: Harvey B. Gantt

"If I want to impact things like healthcare, and education and people who are going to make decisions for me, I need to participate," say the former Charlotte mayor.

Why I vote: Ron Ancrum

Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, efforts to suppress the vote in some communities have not ended, he says.

Why I vote: Mattie Marshall

"I'm from the generation that takes pride in the fact that we struggled so hard for this right to vote," says this westside community leader.

Why I Vote: Dianne Wyche

"I vote because my ancestors could not vote," she says. "I vote to make a difference in my community.'

Election 2020

NC Republicans calling for change to State Board of Elections

After record voter turnout in a contentious general election, state lawmakers intend to propose an oversight board for the State Board of Elections.
By Coleen Harry, WFAE | December 1, 2020

This Black voter for Trump no longer feels alone

NBC exit poll data suggest that 19% of Black male voters supported Trump this election.
By Jeannette Muhammad | November 24, 2020

Cheri Beasley inches ahead in race for chief justice of N.C. Supreme Court

As of late Friday, a scant 35 votes separated Beasley from Judge Paul Newby, her Republican challenger
By Glenn Burkins | November 14, 2020

Your Election Day vote may not be showing up online — that’s normal in NC

For NC election officials, 2020 ballot counting has been business as usual.
By NC Watchdog Reporting Network | November 12, 2020

Opinion | Democracy is in peril. But it’s not too late to turn the tide.

Our democracy has never progressed in a straight line; it has zig-zagged forward.
By Susan Smith Richardson, Center for Public Integrity | November 5, 2020

NC too close to call, state board of elections ask for patience through ballot count

County boards of elections across North Carolina have begun the 10-day post-election process of counting the remaining ballots and conducting audits to verify the results.
By Janey Tate | November 4, 2020

Police arrest armed man outside of University City polling site

Prior to that arrest, the North Carolina State Board of Elections had reported no significant incidents.
By QCity Metro Staff | November 3, 2020

It’s Election Day. Here’s how it’s going across Mecklenburg County

Check back throughout the day for local updates
By QCity Metro Staff | November 3, 2020

Forecast: NC could see deluge of postelection litigation, challenges and protests

Tomas Lopez of Democracy NC: "I think that if there's a litigation option that's out there on all sides of this, there's a good chance it will be invoked."
By Jordan Wilkie, Carolina Public Press | November 2, 2020

Opinion | How does the pro-life stance square with the realities facing Black women?

I know from experience that pregnancy is a miraculous, beautiful experience but also a potentially life-ending one.
By Crystal Marie | November 2, 2020

What happens once polls close on Election Day?

State board of elections official says, primary objective for results process "will be accuracy more than speed.”
By Katrina Louis | November 2, 2020
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