Three reasons I oppose spending local tax dollars to build a private parking deck

Atrium/Wake Forest say they need $28 million in taxpayer subsidies for a parking deck at their proposed medical campus in Charlotte.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | November 23, 2021

Why I Voted for The State Budget

My biggest concern is getting our government up and running again, and ensuring our crucial state government workers get paid, especially teachers.
By Kelly Alexander | November 20, 2021

A shared responsibility to educate our children

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools needs more than criticism for low test scores. It also needs volunteers and more tax dollars.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | November 5, 2021

I long admired Gen. Colin Powell. After his death, I learned we shared something in common

General Powell kept his myeloma diagnosis close to his chest. I share my journey to show that living with cancer does not mean you stop living.
By Theresa Williams Bethea | October 25, 2021

Where’s the outrage?

How many Black students need to fail before we pay attention?
By Arthur Griffin Jr. | September 8, 2021

Our education crisis and the start of a new school year

We need to double down on our efforts to both mitigate climate impacts and ensure our education system is meeting the needs of all our future workers.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | August 30, 2021

7 tips for acing an online job interview

Remote work is here to stay - here's how to ace your next interview.
By Stacey Woods | August 29, 2021

NGAAP Philanthropic Collective gives back, gives Black in Charlotte

It may surprise you to learn that members of NGAAP Charlotte have played a vital role in the evolution and expansion of Black philanthropy worldwide.
By Valaida Fullwood | August 27, 2021

Charlotte’s NDO is a great beginning, but work remains

It is heartening to see society moving forward in accepting our LGBTQ+ neighbors and valuing a group that has long lived in fear of exclusion and violence.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | August 13, 2021

Thank you, Nikole Hannah-Jones

Hannah-Jones has given us all one more reason to acknowledge and work to end systemic racism in North Carolina.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | July 21, 2021