Why the book ‘Wilmington’s LIE’ and the events of 1898 are relevant today

Understanding the past often identifies how the same goals that created our segregated society are still at work today.
By Peter and Mary Kelly | February 6, 2020

A note about diversity events before Black History Month begins

Let’s move beyond discussing the problem.
By Dr. Shante Williams | January 28, 2020

5 Kobe Bryant “what ifs”

As a basketball fan, I thought about what Kobe Bryant accomplished, but I also pondered the outcomes if several decisions were made differently.
By Kallan Louis | January 27, 2020

Feeding a memory: How my mom’s life and death inspired my passion for food

This math teacher turned food blogger remembers the moments that created her love story with food.
By Erique Berry | January 24, 2020

Seeing 2020: 4 gems from Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour

It felt like one of Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes: screaming, cheering, hugging, a few tears...and that was just me.
By Kristian Hilliard | January 20, 2020

An unpopular King

We all have a moral obligation to speak truth to power, even in the midst of those who strive to maintain the status quo and suppress dissent.
By Dr. George B. Jackson | January 20, 2020

Opinion | January is the perfect time to start mentoring Charlotte youth

January is National Mentoring Month.
By Nakisha Washington | January 6, 2020

Opinion | We can’t all be entrepreneurs, and that’s ok

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle — not a hustle or a hobby.
By Dr. Shante Williams | January 4, 2020

Opinion | CMPD showed DaBaby who has the juice, but was it worth the squeeze?

The recent incident between CMPD and rapper DaBaby was a missed opportunity for community-building.
By Kallan Louis | December 30, 2019

Opinion | MLS hype, a cautionary tale

Charlotte's sports fans have been stung in the past, and MLS has a short leash.
By Kallan Louis | December 12, 2019