America is choking

(Commentary) People of color must demand more from our White friends who silently tolerate bigotry and hate.
By Oscar H. Blayton | January 12, 2021

Opinion | We need to engage Black women and men in discussions about domestic violence

As a survivor of domestic violence and systemic bias, I believe there is a more empathetic path for Black men in discussions with Black women around domestic violence and other family dynamics.
By Patrick Graham | November 13, 2020

Opinion | How does the pro-life stance square with the realities facing Black women?

I know from experience that pregnancy is a miraculous, beautiful experience but also a potentially life-ending one.
By Crystal Marie | November 2, 2020

Opinion | Why I’m working to pass the bonds, again

Charlotte voters will decide whether to approve nearly $200 million in bonds for affordable housing, neighborhood improvements and transportation projects.
By Sam Smith, Vote Yes for Bonds committee | November 1, 2020

Opinion | My African history could shape your American future

This election is not about Joe or Kamala. It’s about the empathetic, inclusive and more effective ways they will govern.
By Bo Machayo | October 30, 2020

K-5 returns to CMS schools Monday. Here’s what parents are saying.

Students return as eight students and 16 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19, CMS data shows.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 30, 2020

Opinion | HBCUs have much to celebrate, but there’s still work to do

The FUTURE Act, the first HBCU graduate on a major presidential ticket and a rich history of excellence are accomplishments worth noting.
By Rep. Alma S. Adams | October 27, 2020

Opinion | As a Black educator, the pandemic has affirmed my vision for America’s most vulnerable students

The pandemic has emboldened my support for charter schools and the belief that we need more of them.
By Cheryl Turner | October 22, 2020

Opinion | Digital divide has become a chasm due to Covid

Equitable access to technology and skills directly impacts equitable access to jobs and, in particular, jobs that can sustain a family.
By Dana McDonald, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont | October 8, 2020

Parents, educators react to CMS metrics committee’s readiness dashboard

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' metrics committee presented guidelines to determine when students can transition back into classrooms.
By Jonathan Limehouse | September 11, 2020