QCity Metro has been a respected voice in Charlotte for more than a decade. Founded in 2008, we were one of the nation’s first digital-only news organizations devoted to serving a local Black audience. Now we want to help our marketing partners connect with this audience in meaningful ways. We do this by producing creative partnerships that still give our readers the news, entertainment and culture content they crave.

Ready to get started? Contact our client manager, Bethany Lane, at bethanylane@qcitymetro.com or call 980-999-0913. We’ll build a marketing plan based on your budget.

Our Mission

QCity Metro is an independent, online news source based in Charlotte, N.C. Our mission is to be the leading source of news, opinion and other information relevant to the region’s thriving African American community.

Content is King

Our partnerships are more than banner ads or stagnant copy. We want to tell a story, shine a light on what’s typically overlooked and build a relationship between your brand and our readers. Our team is ready to brainstorm with you to create new ideas that will get results.

Readers First

Our audience is diverse. We cater to their interests and needs, which in turn influences our partnership decisions. QCity Metro readers are:

  • Targeted: 90% African American, 8% white, 2% other
  • Decision Makers: 60% female
  • Educated: 36% bachelors degree, 24% graduate degree
  • Active: 20% are age 30 or younger; 29% are age 31-40; 24% are 41-50.
  • Established: 31% report individual income between $50,000-$80,000; 36% report income over $80,000.

Relationship Building

We aren’t here to churn our irrelevant ads with thoughtless messages. We want to be a resource that our partners can turn to for something new, different and specifically built for our audience.

Pretty great right? Reach out to our client manager, Bethany Lane, at blane@qcitymetro.com or call 980-999-0913. We’ll build a marketing plan based on your budget.

Some of our local partners

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