Mecklenburg jail employee fired; officials said she assaulted an inmate

Authorities alleged that the inmate was handcuffed at the time of the incident.
By Jalon Hill | September 23, 2021

Davidson alumna who once imagined a career in sports medicine finds her niche in art

More than a year after George Floyd's death altered her career trajectory, Makayla Binter prepares for her first solo show.
By Jalon Hill | September 23, 2021

As youth violence escalates, commissioner Vilma Leake calls for intervention

If they have no education, she said, "they have no future."
By Jalon Hill | September 22, 2021

Former UNC Charlotte football player finds work as a social media pitch man

It all started with a video he posted to TikTok one day during the pandemic.
By Jalon Hill | September 17, 2021

The Queen City HBCU Cookout has returned to Charlotte

Tia Boyd, founder of Queen City HBCU Cookout, turned her love for event planning to an annual HBCU festival.
By Jalon Hill | September 16, 2021

CMS will require Covid testing for unvaccinated employees

The rise of covid cases in children has become a concern in local hospitals and schools.
By Jalon Hill | September 15, 2021

As the new CMS athletic director, Ericia Turner says she wants to emphasize academics as well as sports

Turner says her drive for education comes from past experiences, especially the death of her infant son.
By Jalon Hill | September 14, 2021

CMS responds to social media threats following off-campus shootings

Superintendent Earnest Winston said the district had implemented additional security measures to keep students safe.
By Jalon Hill | September 10, 2021

Police say high school students may have carried out deadly shooting that killed 3-year-old boy

More than 150 bullets were fired toward the house where Asiah Figueroa was sleeping.
By Jalon Hill | September 9, 2021

Arsena Schroeder uses her ‘Unplugged+Live’ concert series to showcase local musicians

On Saturday, Schroeder and her independent record label will host a free, lunchtime music event featuring a live DJ, food trucks, and special performances by Charlotte artists.
By Jalon Hill | September 9, 2021