Block Love Charlotte: Grassroots giving scaled in response to Covid-19

Our spotlight on Black Philanthropy Month continues.
By Sarafina Wright | August 5, 2020

The Bold Project: Philanthropy in times of social justice

Charlotte's New Generation of African American Philanthropists leads The Bold Project as Black Philanthropy Month kicks off.
By Sarafina Wright | July 29, 2020

Black Teacher Archives: A possible path to equity

The Harvard University-led project launches with research from the state journals of “Colored Teachers Associations,” which operated for more than 100 years.
By Sarafina Wright | July 13, 2020

Record expungement remains a priority for Mecklenburg Council of Elders amid the pandemic

The collaborative, which focuses on crime prevention and re-entry services for former offenders, shifts online and sees its message spread further.
By Sarafina Wright | June 30, 2020

Charlotte lights up to honor Juneteenth; she made it happen

Uptown skyscrapers will display Pan-African flag colors this weekend in honor of Juneteenth.
By Sarafina Wright | June 18, 2020