On how we make money …

What is GlennOaks Media?

GlennOaks Media is the parent company of Qcitymetro. It’s also a creative marketing company that generates income by helping Charlotte-area clients connect with Qcitymetro’s growing audience of African American readers. Sometimes we make that connection through our website, Qcitymetro.com. Others times it’s through our newsletters, email marketing strategies and, increasingly, through social media. Over the years, we’ve become good at what we do.

Branded Content

Branded content is created by the GlennOaks Media marketing team to promote a product, event or service offered by one of our clients. To produce this content, we collaborate with a team of talented writers, editors, designers, photographers and strategists. In other instances, branded content may be generated in whole or in part by clients. Whichever the case, our clients have a significant say in the final product.

How is Branded Content identified?

Our goal is to leave no doubt about what is branded content and what is editorial content generated by our team of independent reporters and editors. For starters, branded content will always carry a “GlennOaks Media” byline. In addition, branded content will always be labeled “Produced For,” followed by the client’s name or logo.

How does GlennOaks Media select its clients?

• More often than not, our clients select us. But in some cases, we do approach companies or organizations that we believe would compliment our core mission.

• Our clients must have deep respect and appreciation for Charlotte’s African American community. We especially like clients whose products and services enhance the lives of our readers. Companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and Carolinas HealthCare System, both with an emphasis on health, are among our longtime clients. Likewise, Blumenthal Performing Arts, another longtime sponsor, is committed to reaching divers audiences with a range of shows and performances.

• Finally, our clients must be comfortable with Qcitymetro’s editorial independence. Our first responsibility is to our readers, so Qcitymetro will never compromise its journalism for the sake of revenue.

Independence, accuracy, honesty and transparency are cornerstones of what we do.

Direct questions or concerns to editor@qcity2021.flywheelstaging.com.