How we look can affect how we feel.

That can be especially true for cancer patients undergoing the ravaging effects of radiation and chemotherapy, says Janet McCullough, owner of Charlotte Spa & Esthetics.

For that reason, McCullough, who opened her skincare spa about 18 months ago, donates some of her time once a month as a facilitator to Look Good Feel Better, a nonprofit supported by the American Cancer Society. (Look Good Feel Better teaches skin-care techniques to people with cancer.)

Radiation and chemo can break down the skin’s natural barriers, said McCullough, a licensed esthetician. And then there’s the problem of hair loss.

“Oftentimes a cancer patient doesn’t feel well, and when you don’t look good, you may not feel good,” she said. “So if you at least look good, it will help you feel better.”

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McCullough said she coaches cancer patients on how to care for their skin, an extension of the work she does at her spa, which is located at 3626 LaTrobe Drive, in a building that also houses CharlotteRIPS Personal Trainer.

The 52-year-old Texas native decided to open the business after she was laid off from a previous job and realized that she needed to have more than one source of income. (She’s also a licensed insurance agent and a certified revenue cycle analyst for a local healthcare company.) McCullough said she also was inspired by the fact that Americans are getting older, and with aging comes the need for better skin care.

McCullough describes business ownership as a journey.

It’s a path that began for her years ago when she contracted with local physicians to provide them with services including business management and practice development.

“I have made an investment in myself to learn another skill,” she said. “It wasn’t my path, but it’s the path that the Lord has taken me on. And when I look back on the path he had me take, I like that path, because that path has been more attainable to get me to where I am right now.”

Yes, business ownership comes with its challenges.

Still, McCullough said she’d have it no other way.

“You’re independent, and you’re self-made. I like that feeling — knowing that I have established something that works. At the end of the day, I am my own boss,” she said.

McCullough said her two most popular services are customized facials, chemical peels, lashes and body waxing. She also works with clients battling acne, pigment issues, congestion, dehydration, wrinkles or skin that has simply lost its elasticity.

As for body waxing, it cuts across all races and genders.

“You have a lot of individuals who like to be hairless,” she said, adding that some of her best clients are men.

Looking ahead, McCullough said she wants to expand her services to include procedures such as Botox, laser treatments, Cool Sculpting and Dermaplaning.

“I enjoy offering services to the public. I enjoy making a difference in someone’s appearance. If they care, I care. I appreciate and respect when an individual chooses to take corrective actions as they age and go through everyday life.”

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