When we launched Qcitymetro in November 2008, at the start of the Great Recession, we dreamed of creating an online space where people could come together, a space where ideas flourished and accomplishments were celebrated. Back then, hyper-local websites were sprouting all over our nation, but non focused exclusively on a local, black community. In that way, Qcitymetro was a first.

Now, nearly 10 years later, we introduce this jobs board as a logical extension to our greater mission — to be a voice promoting progress in Charlotte’s African American communities. As our city wrestles with the challenge of fostering economic mobility for all of its residents, we want to be a part of that effort. We believe Charlotte works best when we all work together.

So, with that in mind, we invite employers who believe as we do to post their employment opportunities here.

Our readers = your best candidates.

Not surprisingly, our audience is largely African American; we planned it that way. More specifically, our readers self-identify in surveys as being 90% black, 8% white and 2% other. To see more about our reader demographics — age, education, income, etc. — you can find it here.

Why focus on a black audience?

That’s where we saw a great need. As news outlets face mind-blowing transformation, black communities were being left behind. In Charlotte, we wanted to innovate and provide answers. For example, in addition to posting jobs, our jobs board will include locally produced articles and content that relate to careers and employment. And, if all goes well, we hope to build a membership program and invite local employers to join.

So how do I post a job?

It’s easy. Just click here and fill out our form. The cost is $150 per listing, but we’ve got package deals for large employers.

How long will it take for my posting to go live?

Within 24 hours your posting will be live on Qcitymetro.

Then what?

Well, that’s when our marketing team takes over. After your job is posted, we go to work pushing it out to our growing network of readers, social media followers and newsletter subscribers. We’ll also look for ways to work with community-based groups, such as churches and nonprofits.

How long will my posting last?

Sixty days, or about two months.

What if I fill the job before then?

Congratulations. Shoot us an email – jobspro@qcitymetro.com – and we’ll take down your posting.

Ready to get started?