Pizza to the Polls will deliver free food to Charlotte voters waiting in long lines

Charlotte is one of 25 cities where the organization will offer food to voters waiting in long lines.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 19, 2020

ECU Poll: Biden has 4-point lead over Trump in North Carolina

In August, that same ECU poll of likely voters found Trump leading by 2 percentage points.
By Glenn Burkins | October 7, 2020

In new NC ads, the Biden campaign reaches out to Black men

Shot in a Durham barbershop with local residents, the "Shop Talk" ads emphasize the importance of simply voting.
By Glenn Burkins | September 14, 2020

Opinion | How NC’s changing electorate will change its politics

The state's Republican party is increasingly reliant on a shrinking pool of white voters who elect only white politicians. For the health of our democracy, this must change.
By Blair Reeves | September 9, 2020

Absentee voting vs. voting in person: Which method are you choosing for Election 2020?

Five readers share their considerations for absentee voting or voting at a local polling site.
By Christine Edwards | August 15, 2020

At the Charlotte Art League, a new exhibition inspired by today’s political climate

In addition to about a dozen paintings, the show includes spoken word, improv acts, and music. Organizers hope it will spark conversations.
By Olivia Todd | August 14, 2020

Opinion | Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act: It has never been more important to protect our right to vote

As we honor both the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and the spirit of Rep. John Lewis, I will not allow voter suppression to continue to be the norm in North Carolina.
By Rep. Alma S. Adams | August 6, 2020

Senator blocks bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday

Efforts to make Juneteenth a federal holiday intensified amid protests against police brutality and systemic racism in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.
By Katrina Louis | July 23, 2020

Analysis | RNC scales back Charlotte convention, moves celebration to Jacksonville

Charlotte remains site of one-day business meeting before convention heads to Jacksonville where President Donald Trump will deliver renomination speech.
By Glenn Burkins | June 12, 2020

Opinion: If Charlotte is lucky, Trump will take his convention elsewhere

Three reasons why our city is better off not hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention.
By Glenn Burkins | June 3, 2020