In Cuba, Obama will press Castro for economic and democratic reforms

President Barack Obama turns from sightseeing to state business, pressing Cuban President Raul Castro for economic and democratic reforms.
By By Daniel Trotta and Matt Spetalnick, REUTERS | March 21, 2016

Obama says Republican campaign rhetoric troubling to outside world

President Barack Obama said he is hearing from foreign leaders who are alarmed at Republican presidential candidates' positions on issues such as climate change and immigration.
By By Jeff Mason, REUTERS | February 17, 2016

Obama: Faith is the ‘great cure’ for fear (video)

President Barack Obama, in an address to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, spoke against giving in to fear. (Feb. 4)
By QCity Metro Staff | February 5, 2016

Obama calls for rapid Zika research as virus seen spreading

President Barack Obama on Tuesday called for the rapid development of tests, vaccines and treatments to fight the mosquito-transmitted Zika […]
By By Julie Steenhuysen and Roberta Rampton, Reuters | January 27, 2016

Obama to highlight legacy, future (video)

By Glenn Burkins | January 11, 2016

Gun owners grill Obama at town hall meeting, NRA sits it out

After a series of mass shootings, President Barack Obama has said he wants to have a national debate about guns during his final year in office.
By By Jeff Mason, Reuters | January 8, 2016

Obama’s challenge in 2016: Stay relevant

Advancing gun control, closing the U.S. military prison in Cuba and reforming criminal justice laws are likely to top President Barack Obama's State of the Union address this month.
By By Jeff Mason, Reuters | January 2, 2016

Cuba: Obama welcome to visit but not to meddle

It was a year ago that President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shocked the world by announcing the former adversaries would normalize relations.
By Reuters | December 17, 2015

Obama: We will ‘destroy’ Islamic State group (video)

In a televises speech from the Oval Office Sunday, President Obama said the United States is on the right path in its fight against Islamic extremists who sponsor and inspire international terror attacks
By Glenn Burkins | December 7, 2015

Obama says Black Lives Matter movement raises ‘legitimate issues’

President Obama says the Black Lives Matter movement raises "legitimate issues," but he cautioned against over-generalizing when it comes to police treatment of African Americans.
By Julia Edwards | Reuters | October 24, 2015