Clinton, Trump secure key wins on Super Tuesday

With seven wins each, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump took big steps toward securing their parties' presidential nominations on Super Tuesday.
By By John Whitesides and Steve Holland, reuters | March 2, 2016

James Clyburn backs Clinton in S.C. primary

Clyburn's endorsement comes as Clinton battles rival Bernie Sanders for the support of blacks in the South Carolina contest,
By Glenn Burkins | February 21, 2016

A breakfast in Harlem underscores a key challenge for Bernie Sanders

African Americans will play a crucial role as the Democratic race moves to South Carolina, where more than half of the party's primary voters in 2008 were black.
By By John Whitesides, Reuters | February 10, 2016

Winthrop Poll: South Carolina Democrats are solid for Hillary Clinton

A new Winthrop Poll shows South Carolina Democrats solidly behind Hillary Clinton, versus her primary challengers Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.
By Glenn Burkins | November 4, 2015