Mayor Roberts: City Council won’t consider repeal of LGBT ordinance on Monday

Mayor Jennifer Roberts has thrown cold water on the hopes of Charlotte’s business community for a quick repeal of House Bill 2, which has cost the state millions in lost revenue.
By Glenn Burkins | September 19, 2016

CIAA should move its popular tournament in opposition to HB2

As North Carolina debates the future of HB2 and the very real issue of gender dysphoria, the CIAA must position itself squarely on the proper side of history.
By Glenn Burkins | September 16, 2016

Could HB2 cost Charlotte the CIAA basketball tournament?

A day after the NCAA said it would remove seven championship sporting events from North Carolina because of HB2, officials at CIAA issued a statement.
By Glenn Burkins | September 13, 2016

NCAA pulls championship events from North Carolina because of HB2

The NCAA will move seven championship sporting events from North Carolina in protest of HB2, a state law that some deem discriminatory to transgender individuals.
By Glenn Burkins | September 13, 2016

SOCIAL BUZZ: Gay rights activist blasts Observer columnist over #HB2 commentary

Did Charlotte Observer sports writer Scott Fowler miss the mark with his latest commentary on HB2? One local defender of LGBT rights certainly thinks so.
By QCity Metro Staff | July 22, 2016

Major U.S. companies ask judge to block HB2

The companies said the law condones "naked, invidious discrimination" and should be put on hold until a U.S. Justice Department lawsuit is settled.
By By Daniel Wiessner, Reuters | July 11, 2016

City Council got it right in voting no compromise on HB2

(Opinion) In voting to stand pat against calls to repeal its own nondiscrimination ordinance, Charlotte's City Council affirmed that some things in America should not be bargained way.
By Glenn Burkins | May 24, 2016

ACLU asks judge to halt HB2 pending court review

Groups opposed to HB2 say the law is causing "ongoing and serious harm" to transgender people in North Carolina and must be put on hold while it is reviewed by the court.
By By Colleen Jenkins, REUTERS | May 16, 2016

U.S. government and North Carolina escalate fight over HB2

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina over House Bill 2, contending it violates the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.
By The Charlotte Observer/REUTERS | May 9, 2016

N.C. lawmakers say they’ll ignore federal deadline to change HB2

The state’s leading GOP lawmaker said he won’t be “bullied” into meeting the U.S. Justice Department’s Monday deadline to change the law, which regulates which restrooms can be used by transgender people.
By By Colleen Jenkins, REUTERS | May 6, 2016