Covid’s impact: CMS students saw broad declines in reading scores, says Read Charlotte leader

Read Charlotte promotes online tool to help close the literacy gap exacerbated by Covid-19.
By Sarafina Wright | September 22, 2021

Our schools need resources to reduce racial disparities

Racial disparities have continued since the 1999 judicial decision that ended busing, and reducing school funding would only make things worse.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | June 30, 2021

CMS funding dispute may be headed for mediation

On Tuesday, county commissioners passed a budget for next fiscal year but withheld $56 million in funding from local schools. The school board quickly announced plans to fight back.
By Glenn Burkins | June 2, 2021

Barringer Academic Center will be renamed in honor of Charles H. Parker, a community builder who was born into slavery

The school board voted 8-0 to rename the school in Parker’s honor.
By Jonathan Limehouse | April 13, 2021

Let’s seize this disruptive moment in our schools to be a little more disruptive

If we have learned anything over the course of the past year, it is that work and school are not places.
By Dr. Ross Danis | March 30, 2021

CMS board votes to allow more in-person learning days for students

The decision comes as county health officials report a significant decline in the number of new Covid-19 cases.
By Jonathan Limehouse | March 10, 2021

Local author and former ‘class clown’ writes about finding success without a four-year degree

Jamil Massey grew up poor on a farm not far from Charlotte. Late last year, he published a memoir espousing the benefits of trade jobs.
By Jonathan Limehouse | March 5, 2021

Let students be the fact finders

A former teacher says students should be taught to think and value evidence.
By Dr. Ross Danis | February 25, 2021

The weight of student loans on Black and Latino borrowers

North Carolina mirrors the national trend with Black and Latino students borrowing at higher rates to offset college expenses.
By Gracyn Doctor, WFAE | February 2, 2021

Bennett College receives candidacy status from new accreditor

Among other privileges, students at the historically Black college for women can now access federal financial aid. Bennett College has until 2025 to complete the accreditation process.
By Jonathan Limehouse | December 3, 2020