6 days, 7 deaths: Charlotte homicide detectives have been busy

Within the last week, five people were shot to death, and two others were found dead in a creek bed near McAlpine Creek Park.
By QCity Metro Staff | March 5, 2020

Police: 2 killed in separate shootings in southwest Charlotte

CMPD had not announced an arrest in either shooting.
By QCity Metro Staff | February 16, 2020

Man convicted of killing newspaper delivery driver gets life in prison

The verdict and sentence came nearly three years after the killing of Walter “Wes” Edwin Scott Jr. in uptown Charlotte.
By Glenn Burkins | February 10, 2020

Mecklenburg D.A. will put more resources into prosecuting violent crimes

The shift comes as Charlotte looks back on a year that saw a rise in violent crimes in 2019, including 107 criminal homicides -- one of its highest homicide counts on record.
By Glenn Burkins | February 3, 2020

Pizza-delivery worker shoots 3 robbery suspects; all survive

Police said the gun used by the suspects turned out to be a toy, painted black.
By Glenn Burkins | January 22, 2020

3 teens charged with shooting, robbery during drug deal

The victim was a 17-year-old juvenile who was shot and struck on the head.
By QCity Metro Staff | January 20, 2020

Police: 15-year-old boy arrested, charged with robbing convenience store

Police said the suspect fired "numerous rounds" while robbing the store. An employee inside was injured.
By Glenn Burkins | January 13, 2020

Man sentenced to life in prison for raping wife, murdering her parents

Prosecutors initially said they'd seek the death penalty but agreed to accept his guilty plea in exchange for life in prison.
By Glenn Burkins | December 12, 2019

Police charge two children, 11 and 12, with involuntary manslaughter

Police said three children were fighting near a roadway just before an 11-year-old boy entered the roadway and was struck by a car.
By Glenn Burkins | December 7, 2019

Kerr Putney: To reduce crime in Charlotte, invest more in the lives of young people

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief said local nonprofits working to guide the lives of young people need sustained support from Charlotte's public and private sectors.
By Glenn Burkins | November 27, 2019