Our education crisis and the start of a new school year

We need to double down on our efforts to both mitigate climate impacts and ensure our education system is meeting the needs of all our future workers.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | August 30, 2021

Charlotte’s NDO is a great beginning, but work remains

It is heartening to see society moving forward in accepting our LGBTQ+ neighbors and valuing a group that has long lived in fear of exclusion and violence.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | August 13, 2021

Thank you, Nikole Hannah-Jones

Hannah-Jones has given us all one more reason to acknowledge and work to end systemic racism in North Carolina.
By Jennifer Watson Roberts | July 21, 2021

The lesser of two evils

The Republican-led assault on voting rights is being facilitated by some within the Democratic Party.
By Oscar H. Blayton | July 21, 2021

Opinion | We need to engage Black women and men in discussions about domestic violence

As a survivor of domestic violence and systemic bias, I believe there is a more empathetic path for Black men in discussions with Black women around domestic violence and other family dynamics.
By Patrick Graham | November 13, 2020

Opinion | How does the pro-life stance square with the realities facing Black women?

I know from experience that pregnancy is a miraculous, beautiful experience but also a potentially life-ending one.
By Crystal Marie | November 2, 2020

Opinion | My African history could shape your American future

This election is not about Joe or Kamala. It’s about the empathetic, inclusive and more effective ways they will govern.
By Bo Machayo | October 30, 2020

Opinion | Black Press Matters

Promises from White America “to do better” must include supporting Black media.
By Kallan Louis | June 19, 2020

Opinion | We can’t all be entrepreneurs, and that’s ok

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle — not a hustle or a hobby.
By Shante Williams | January 4, 2020

Opinion | CMPD showed DaBaby who has the juice, but was it worth the squeeze?

The recent incident between CMPD and rapper DaBaby was a missed opportunity for community-building.
By Kallan Louis | December 30, 2019