Opinion | We need to engage Black women and men in discussions about domestic violence

As a survivor of domestic violence and systemic bias, I believe there is a more empathetic path for Black men in discussions with Black women around domestic violence and other family dynamics.
By Patrick Graham | November 13, 2020

Opinion | How does the pro-life stance square with the realities facing Black women?

I know from experience that pregnancy is a miraculous, beautiful experience but also a potentially life-ending one.
By Crystal Marie | November 2, 2020

Opinion | My African history could shape your American future

This election is not about Joe or Kamala. It’s about the empathetic, inclusive and more effective ways they will govern.
By Bo Machayo | October 30, 2020

Opinion | Black Press Matters

Promises from White America “to do better” must include supporting Black media.
By Kallan Louis | June 19, 2020

Opinion | We can’t all be entrepreneurs, and that’s ok

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle — not a hustle or a hobby.
By Shante Williams | January 4, 2020

Opinion | CMPD showed DaBaby who has the juice, but was it worth the squeeze?

The recent incident between CMPD and rapper DaBaby was a missed opportunity for community-building.
By Kallan Louis | December 30, 2019

Opinion | MLS hype, a cautionary tale

Charlotte's sports fans have been stung in the past, and MLS has a short leash.
By Kallan Louis | December 12, 2019

Opinion | A tale of two Charlottes, again

Two criminal justice events on the same day at the same time reminded us of Charlotte's two very different stories.
By Patrice Funderburg | November 21, 2019

Opinion | What if we decolonized Charlotte?

Imagine a new age of ideas, leadership and people power.
By Valaida Fullwood | November 20, 2019

First day of school reminds me what it means to be a present father

"We're fathers who are present and in the moment, ready to be there for the first day of anything in their lives."
By Boris "Bluz" Rogers | August 26, 2019