Jonathan Ferrell: Community activists want you to never forget his name

"Before Black Lives Matter was at the stage it is now, we had Jonathan Ferrell."
By Katrina Louis | September 15, 2020

The long drive from Charlotte: Jacob Blake’s father left as soon as he heard the news. This weekend he returns

Details of the Jacob Blake shooting are familiar to most people by now. His father, Jacob Blake Sr., a Charlotte resident, also has a story worth telling.
By Michael Graff, Charlotte Agenda | September 15, 2020

Spencer Cochran, a leader in CMPD’s Metro Division, is heading to Richmond

The 32-year veteran will work with Richmond's new police chief on issues relating to community engagement.
By Glenn Burkins | August 30, 2020

March on Washington anniversary comes as Black America still fights for justice

On the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, civil rights advocates and activists call for police accountability, police reform and voter protection.
By QCity Metro Staff | August 28, 2020

CMPD releases video from June 2 protest, captures “They’re all about to be gassed” comments

Dozens of video clips released Wednesday that include a tear gas incident in which protesters were "bottle-necked" in uptown Charlotte.
By QCity Metro Staff | August 27, 2020

Charlotte’s Black media publishers open up about longevity and managing through the pandemic

Part Two of the Black Power Moves series dives into the challenges and opportunities for Charlotte’s flagship Black media companies.
By Kallan Louis | August 17, 2020

How Covid-19 has upended criminal prosecutions in Mecklenburg County

Because of the pandemic, District Attorney Spencer Merriweather’s team of prosecutors has not convened a jury trial since March 13.
By Glenn Burkins | August 6, 2020

CMPD wants more Black residents to take survey relating to police reform

So far, white women have answered the survey in disproportionate numbers, a CMPD official said.
By Glenn Burkins | July 27, 2020

Protesters vandalize Mecklenburg’s Central Jail in uptown Charlotte

Hours after an inmate was found dead in his cell, a Black Lives Matter banner was torn down and the building was splashed with red paint.
By Glenn Burkins | July 13, 2020

Exit interview: Some parting thoughts from Kerr Putney

The former CMPD chief said true police reform would require greater investments in the lives of Black and Latino youths.
By Glenn Burkins | July 2, 2020