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Today in History: In 1913, James “Jesse” Owens was born. Owens was an American track and field athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games. He was the first American track and field athlete to win four gold medals at a single Olympic Games.

Today in Charlotte: Lil Baby & Glorilla

Today’s Hot Job: Read Charlotte is seeking a director of action research and evaluation.

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Black-owned matcha pop-up now open in South End

Eric Braekhave, owner of Gotcha Matcha. (Photo courtesy of Eric Braekhave)

Gotcha Matcha, a new pop-up beverage shop located at 222 West Blvd, opened Monday in South End.

Matcha, a finely ground powder of of green tea leaves traditionally consumed in East Asia, is a popular drink that can be served hot or cold.

Owner Eric Braekhave told QCity he first tried the drink on a trip to Thailand in 2019 and had the idea to open to his own shop matcha-centered shop in Charlotte.

The extended pop-up will serve 17 different matcha and espresso drinks as well as homemade baked goods, like Braekhave’s ube cinnamon rolls.

“I’m a firm believer that I can make anything taste great,” he said.

Keep reading. [Jalon Hill]


Democratic primary today

Democratic Primary Day is underway in Charlotte.

Voters are required to show identification to cast their ballot.

Polling places are open today until 7:30 p.m. Voters who are in line by 7:30 p.m. will be permitted to vote.

As of noon, 8,467 people — which includes 96 mail-in ballots — have voted.

Are you voting today? See polling locations here.


See if you qualify

Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte are proud to be an ally for residents.

Qualified Mecklenburg County homeowners may be eligible for a HOMES program grant of up to $426.

Residents within the Charlotte city limits may receive additional grant funding (up to $234), so they may receive up to $660 total!

The deadline to apply is November 17th.


Funding approved for West end grocery store

Rendering of Three Sisters Market. Photo Credit: West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition. 

Charlotte City Council approved $1.5 million in support of Three Sisters Market, a local grocery co-op in the West Corridor of Opportunity at 2901 Romare Bearden Drive.

The West Corridor of Opportunity has been a food desert for nearly 30 years, meaning residents have no walkable grocery stores within a one-mile radius, according to Sharika Comfort, the organization’s executive director.

The Market is expected to break ground in 2024 and open in 2025.

Read on.


Reflections on 9/11

“My co-workers and I continued to watch the news until the first building collapsed. I saw people running and dazed through the streets of New York. I wondered if friends and family members who lived in New York were alright.” – Helen B’s response to Remembering 9/11 through a Black lens

“On that day, I was a junior at UNC-Charlotte…As I witnessed the second plane crash into the other tower my 21 year old mind couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing…I was still trying to figure out if what I was seeing was even real.  It looked just like movie.” – N. Jamison’s response to Remembering 9/11 through a Black lens


11 ways to enjoy the Mint Museum

The Mint Museum has plenty to check out — from now all the way into the new year.

When you visit, you can see unique exhibits like “The Vault,” which showcases pieces from the private collections of local Black art collectors, or “Guiding Winds,” which focuses on the Latinx heritage of local artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner.

If you’re not the museum type, you can also check out one of their free activities like Party in the Park or pick up a free art kit to make your own exhibit at home.

Read more to see what the Mint Museum in store for you.


The art of the pivot

Cheryl Ross had another business before she started her home baking business, Baked by Ross. Before that, she was a hair stylist , but ended the high-contact business in March of 2020 during the start of the pandemic.

Now, she offers a range of delightful treats, including cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, macarons, and treat boxes.

From classic flavors to elegant presentations, every creation is a masterpiece. Read on to learn more about Ross and how she mastered the art of the pivot.

In other news…

➡️ Local:  It’s Election Day in Charlotte. Here’s what to know about voting in the 2023 City Council primary. (Charlotte Observer

➡️ State: North Carolina DMV will no longer issue or renew Confederate flag license plates. (Elon News Network

➡️ World:  The mining of minerals critical to electric vehicle batteries and other green technologies in Congo has led to human rights abuses, including forced evictions and physical assault, according to a new report. (AP News)

➡️ Health: The American Red Cross desperately needs Black donors as the nation’s blood supply has decreased at least 25% since August. (Grio)

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