Heart Math Tutoring

Summary: Through an out-of-school-time tutoring initiative with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Heart Math Tutoring has the opportunity to provide small group tutoring to 45-70 students for 3 hours per week (80+ hours/year) at designated elementary school sites after school during the 2023/24 school year. We are looking for Heart 3-5 Coordinators to manage the program at each school site to help students in grades 3-5 reach grade-level proficiency through small group tutoring.

The Heart 3-5 program is different from but highly complementary to Heart Math Tutoring’s core model, which delivers 1:1 tutoring during the school day focused on K-2 standards. Both programs further HMT’s mission of ensuring all students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success. When combined, the programs have the potential to ensure all students arrive at middle school ready for grade-level work, complete Math I by 8th grade, experience high school success, and have expanded post-secondary and career options.

Key Responsibilities: The Heart 3-5 Coordinator will manage the implementation of the Heart 3-5 afterschool program at one school site in 2023/24, with primary goal of helping students in grades 3-5 reach grade-level proficiency in math. Day-to-day responsibilities will include:
• Oversee 45 – 70 students’ growth in math skills and enthusiasm for academic.
• Manage, support, and provide feedback to ~15-25 paid tutors who deliver lessons in 3:1 student-to-tutor ratios and utilize a combination of Intervention Resources (Kathy Richardson Developing Numbers Concepts and Bridges Interventions) and grade level content (enVisions and CMS district resources).
• Collaborate with Heart 3-5 leadership to train and coach part-time tutors to effectively build relationships with students, deliver lessons, and use student data to drive instruction.
• Oversee collection, organization, and reporting of student academic and attendance data, reporting analyses back to teachers, principals, families, and Heart 3-5 leadership.
• Regularly interface with teachers and classrooms by attending monthly PLC meetings and observing classrooms to connect Heart 3-5’s lesson pacing with classroom pacing.
• Manage student enrollment, communicating with families, and family engagement plans.
• Manage tutoring materials on school site.
• Coordinate space and time logistics with school staff.

Desired Skills and Background
• Experience in classroom teaching, intervention resources, lesson planning, and data-driven instruction. (3-5 years of teaching grades 3-5 math or related experience in a school setting is preferred)
• Strong belief that all students can learn and have the potential to perform at or above grade level
• Strong communication and relationship-building skills with students, tutors, school staff, and Heart 3-5 staff.
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
• Willingness to take initiative and be a problem-solver.
• Experience working with low-income population.
• Mission driven, including demonstrated competence and commitment in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Aligned with HMT’s core values:
o Student-centered – We do what is best for students, first. Candidate should have a demonstrated passion for Heart’s specific mission.
o Growth Mindset – Demonstrated to be a reflective & resourceful learner.
o Precision & Professionalism – Will be able to give top-notch service to our schools and precise data analysis to stakeholders.
o Gratitude – Celebrates students/tutors/donors/schools/colleagues and believes working with those stakeholders is a privilege. Comfortable with and will contribute to a culture of philanthropy.
o Civic Engagement – Track record of volunteerism and contributions to community, with the belief that the community succeeds together.