Memorial Presbyterian Church

The starting salary is $20/hour.

Position Duties Include:
Offer administrative support to the pastor. – 5 hours per week
• Assisting in managing the pastor’s calendar, drafting and/or responding to emails. functioning as the primary contact person for meetings and other schedule commitments. Manage all forms of correspondence including voicemail, e-mail, and regular mail. Manage the pastor’s calendar.
• Make travel arrangements and coordinate speaking engagement logistics.
• Assisting on special projects as needed.
• Support Pastor in engagement campaigns online and in person.
Create and Share content for Congregational communication – 5 hours per week
• Fliers, social media posts, web & e-newsletter articles. Proficient with Google Workspace Suite / MS Office.
• Able to upload, hyperlink, redirect on Wordpress based website.
• Should be familiar with publishing & design programs such as Google Docs, Canva, Wordpress & Mail Chimp. Materials created should be clear, inviting & inspiring. This position offers support to Media Tech and Communications by creating & providing content & proof-reading and Sunday bulletin (by providing content and printing).
Coordinate ministry of Memorial members – 2 hours per week
• Work to create systems for on-going ministry opportunities (Sunday School, fellowship ministry, member care, community meal, etc.).
• Work with Pastor and session to invite different members to serve in different capacities, develop systems to inform members of ministry opportunities (creatively & inspirationally) and remind them of commitments (with clarity, kindness & grace).
• Coordinate volunteers to effectively support the ministry of Memorial
Support Key Volunteers in Congregation – 2 hours per week
• Church members coordinate finances, building use, and power the work of the ministry teams. This position would offer logistical support to those members so that relevant materials are organized, accessible and ready for use when they arrive.
Data Management – 2 hours per week
• Manage membership contact information, updating regularly.
• Maintain current mailing list.
• Create and maintain a system to track information we receive for worship guests and follow up with pastor & church members.
• Maintain Storage of Congregational Resources – Manual of Operations, Bylaws.

Manage building maintenance – 2 hours per week
• In consultation with the Trustees and Administrative Ministry Team (charged with buildings and grounds) schedule inspections (alarms, fire extinguishers, stove hood, etc.) and repairs.
Manage voicemail/ office email – 2 hours per week
• Checking 3 times per week and passing relevant information on to Pastor Shavon and Ministry Leadership by via email or phone. Use discretion to redirect requests to appropriate leadership or staff.
• Interact with all callers & visitors in a way that embodies the values of our congregation (learning, welcoming, and loving).
Personal qualities: Focused, compassionate, discrete & cheerful.
The person who fills this role will need to be disciplined and discrete. This person needs to be able to keep personal information confidential and refrain from even the appearance of gossiping. This person must be self-directed and able to stay on task. This person needs to be able to absorb work-related feedback on work without being personally offended.
If a church member, this person must be able to differentiate between their identity as a church member (receiving care from the Pastor and their identity as a staff member (receiving direction and feedback from the pastor or other church members). When interacting with the congregation, this person must be a non-anxious presence, able to listen non-reactively.
This is a 20 hour a week part time position. The Administrative Ministry Coordinator will have 12 regular-scheduled on-site office hours, but additional hours could be completed off-site at the employee’s own schedule.

If you are interested, please send your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to

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