Ticketing Configuration / Client Support Specialist

Blumenthal Performing Arts

Posted: May 25, 2021
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Reporting to (title): Ticketing Systems Manager

FLSA Classification: ☐ Exempt ☒ Non-exempt

Employment Type: ☒ Full Time ☐ Part Time ☐ Intern ☐ Temporary/Contract

Position Summary
Plans and executes complex ticketing configuration solutions for single, subscription and package sales for events sold through the CarolinaTix system. Uses knowledge and expertise to ensure configuration solutions maximize the capabilities of the ticketing system to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction while also ensuring accurate reporting and inventory/financial management. Must understand the overall data object model of the ticketing system and be able to independently test and troubleshoot solutions; process ticket orders; create/distribute custom and standard reports. Must develop and maintain excellent relationships with system clients and provide guidance and recommendations to external and internal clients on the capabilities of the ticketing platform and how best to utilize it to achieve the client’s goals. Position requires judgement and expertise to evaluate and analyze complex configuration requirements and develop best practice solutions that can achieve client goals while also adhering to Blumenthal operating practices. Strong communication and analytical skills are needed, as well as a commitment to customer service.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Configure, test and maintain events within the ticketing systems implemented by Blumenthal. Event configuration must be accurately set to ensure correct on-sale/off-sale times, pricing, controlled public access (promo codes and seat holds), general public access, ticketing department access, supervisor overrides, client access and publicly displayed information.
• Perform essential quality assurance checks such as testing of event configurations prior to on-sale time. Work with other team members to cross-check event configurations prior to on-sale.
• Possesses expert knowledge of all ticketing system event configuration settings, data elements, user interfaces, pricing models, public-facing online user dialogs, and reporting tools.
• Works with the Ticketing Systems Manager to configure the ticketing system (at a system-wide level) to provide needed functionality.
• Along with the Ticketing Systems Manager, works with the ticket system software provider when necessary to troubleshoot and correct issues, bugs and configuration problems. Opens trouble cases with the ticketing system software provider when necessary.
• Create, verify results, maintain and distribute reports generated using the ticketing system reporting tool (Business Intelligence or BI) or other reporting tools. Configure and distribute pre-defined reports internally or externally to clients as required for event sales tracking, customer lists or other business needs.
• Ability to work directly with other Blumenthal departments and external clients to determine business requirements for ticketed events and provide ticketing solutions to ensure successful on-sale events.
• Works with pricing experts to maintain dynamic pricing on events.
• Communicate effectively and efficiently with internal departments and external clients regarding event information.
• Receive and review event configuration and change documents (whether internal or external) to ensure the needs of Blumenthal and external clients are met.
• Create and maintain public-facing online event pages on the Blumenthal and CarolinaTix corporate websites as required using a data-driven content management system.
• Ensures all events are coded properly during set-up to provide accurate reporting and restrict desktop access across organizations using the system.
• Utilize the Ungerboeck event booking software to confirm events, dates, times and other pertinent information.
• Provide user support to departments and clients accessing the Blumenthal ticketing system.
• Process complimentary (comp) and consignment ticket orders for all events and clients
• Keep direct management informed about changing client needs, deadlines, work load and other issues.
• Proactively seek out and provide suggestions on improving processes and event/ticketing system configurations
• Provides supervision and training to other team members as required.

Additional Duties

• Assist in maintaining team procedural documentation
• Provide courteous, accurate and efficient customer service

Job Qualifications
• Requires a 2-year degree or equivalent experience in event ticketing, technical system administration/operations, inventory management or other related field
• Proficient in using Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Teams)
• Ability to work remotely with limited distraction and maintain consistent productivity levels
• Event ticketing software experience preferred, but not required
• Business Intelligence reporting / Database query knowledge preferred

Position Specific Competencies
• Strategic thinking
• Ability to interpret business requirements into successful solutions
• Data accuracy
• Ability to self-test and verify work produced
• Dependability
• Time management
• Manage multiple priorities
• Ability to work under pressure at times