2nd (3pm-11pm) Program Assistant

The Center for Community Transitions, Inc.

Posted: July 12, 2021
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Women’s Facility Full Time 2nd Shift 3pm -11pm Program Assistant

Job Title: Full Time Program Assistant Report To: Women’s Facility Program Director

Hours: Flexibility is required. 40 Hours/Week, which may include any day of the week; weekend; and any shift

Position Description: This position will assist in managing the residential facility; provide accountability and program support, and other specific duties as assigned.

Position Status: 1. Exempt 2. Includes benefits

Location and Facility Description: The Center for Community Transitions Women’s Facility is a 24 hour, 30-bed work release center for female inmates who are within 3 years of release.

The Center for Community Transitions Women’s Facility (CCT-WF) assists and monitors residents (inmates) including outside programs for work release, family leave, community volunteer passes, and study release. This program in coordination with the other two CCT programs of LifeWorks! and Families Doing Time provide a comprehensive reentry transition for residents. Services include individualized employment plans; community employment; education and vocational training; life skills workshops; and family reunification assistance.

Duties & Responsibilities:
⬥ Provide support to the residents of the facility through thoughtful direction and guidance.
⬥ Manage daily routine of the facility
⬥ Implement duties in compliance with CCT guidelines and policies and those of
the Department of Public Safety (DPS)
⬥ Ensure the safety of the public, staff, on-site guests, residents and the facility
⬥ Participate in planning and implementation of daily activities
⬥ Supervise resident activities and volunteers
⬥ Monitor the location and activities of clients on and off site
⬥ Provide accurate and timely documentation via reports and data collection
⬥ Serve as a facilitator and mediator in the resident community
⬥ Positive interactions with residents, community volunteers, families of the
residents and partners of the agency
⬥ Be knowledgeable and able to assist in emergency preparedness and emergency response
⬥ Complete tasks and duties as assigned by supervisor
⬥ Manage the Recreation Program
⬥ Manage the Financial Literacy Program

Desired Skills and Abilities:
⬥ Flexible, persistent, and patient and able to work with multi-cultural clients
⬥ An understanding of residential operations
⬥ Excellent oral/written communication, interpersonal relations,
supervision/management of resources, and public relations
⬥ Ability to work in a team setting
⬥ Ability to solve complex problems using own judgment/discretion
⬥ Proficient in applicable computer programs such as Microsoft Office and Google
⬥ Value and exhibit excellent customer service
⬥ Excellent organization skills
⬥ Ability to work flexible and non- traditional hours including any shift, holidays,
emergency situations, inclement weather and weekends
⬥ Mature and professional demeanor and interaction with others
⬥ Ability to drive
⬥ Ability to move over uneven surfaces and terrain
⬥ Ability to lift up to 25 lbs.
⬥ Ability to think and move quickly to respond to emergency situations
⬥ Ability to read, comprehend and retain detailed and varied operating procedures
⬥ Ability to reach or climb to tops of doorways, window sills and high shelving

Education and Qualifications:
⬥ AA degree or higher
⬥ Excellent driving record
⬥ Clean background
⬥ Sound character