Your Neighborhood Orchestra Presents: Love Revolution

Saturday, September 25, 2021
A spectacular celebration of our area's epic music scene. Love Revolution is a groundbreaking collaboration between Your Neighborhood Orchestra (YNO), diverse local original artists, a DJ, and The Nouveau Sud Circus Project. Tradition is a thing of the past - genres are bent, storytelling becomes physical, synergy is the new energy.

We have long awaited to be a community in contact with each other, across boundaries. YNO aims to take this opportunity to create a bridge to that space. If you're new to the community, this is a great place to start learning about what your local music scene has to offer!

Featured Artists:

Amrita Biswas
Elevator Jay
Emily Sage
Todd Johnson

YNO: A professional graffiti-style street orchestra that serves to bridge artistic communities through uplifting original music and its creators: innovating, building, providing access, and breaking barriers across the diverse landscape of original artistry.

Nouveau Sud Circus Project: A contemporary social circus initiative rooted in the “underground” dance/acrobatic/physical theatre scenes present in the vast array of cultures in the urban regions of Charlotte. A diverse group of artists, the Suds strive to create meaningful and thought-provoking dialogue on social issues through the use of movement, acrobatics, spoken word and other various physical art forms.

"YNO brings musicians together to create genre-bending work." - The Charlotte Observer

"The striking, often playful images, and unique sounds, seized my attention. This collaborative work was imaginative, creative, and beautiful... Your Neighborhood Orchestra is a serious endeavor - serious about the artistic merit and a cultural elision between genres." - Classical Voice NC

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