Thrive Talks: Restaurant Industry Growth in Charlotte

Thursday, June 13, 2019
Join us for our second Thrive Talks quarterly panel as we discuss the rapid growth of the restaurant industry in Charlotte, NC. With the abundance of new restaurants opening in the last few years in the Queen City, capturing the attention of potential guests is becoming increasingly difficult.

During the event, we’ll talk with restaurateurs and those involved in the Charlotte media to learn more about this quickly-changing landscape and their strategy to stay relevant in an extremely competitive industry.

Moderator: Sarah Crosland - book author and food writer


Kristen Wile - Founder of Unpretentious Palate

Kara Taddeo - Co-founder of VBGB Beer Hall and Garden & 8.2.0 Pizzeria & Bar

Remy Thurston - Marketing Manager, Frank Scibelli Food Group

Nikki Wolfe - Yelp Charlotte Community Manager

Andrew Wilen - Co-founder of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

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