New Play Reading: Love, Justice and Other Fairytales

Friday, February 26, 2021
It is our pleasure to bring to you, this month, Raven Monroe's, Love, Justice and Other Fairytales, directed by Chika Ike.
Set in 1900s North Carolina, just as the United States prepares to enter the Great War, "Love & Justice and Other Fairytales" is the story of a young Black girl in the rural South, a young Black girl dreams of more than life as a domestic. When she falls in love with the son of the wealthy white family her grandmother works for, she finds herself caught between a reality of racist violence and the refuge of the romantic fantasy she and her love have constructed for themselves. As the threat of war abroad and racism at home become harder to ignore, she is forced to confront the question of love's power-- and what it's powerless against.

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