Mobilizing Women in Transition

Friday, October 23, 2020
Mobilizing Women in Transition is a curated virtual experience for women in transition.
Are you currently in transition?

Transitioning from a job that no longer is able to sustain your financial responsibilities,
Currently unemployed and seeking employment?
Seeking to earn more to provide more stability in your home?
Desire to identify and sharpen your skillset to be a viable candidate in the workplace and or marketplace?

Here is what we will accomplish during our time together:

Free resume assistance from top resume expert writers
Job Training information
Information on current job
Learn to Identify and Enhance skills for elevation and profitability
Shop pre-loved business casual attire (evening session 4pm -7pm)

Workshop Overview:
Building the inner woman: Confidence that lasts

"Getting In The Door": Learn how to position yourself for the job you desire

"Uncover Your Treasure": Learn how to identify skills and gifts that will increase visibility and profitability

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