Live In Color

Thursday, October 3, 2019
Helping black women find their innerG (ˈ/enərjē/)


All Things Bea N Bev | Live in Color Workshop

Listen up, you have a story to tell - and the world needs to hear it.

Colorful stories of triumphs, failures, love found, love lost and childhood experiences that have and continue to shape how we think, feel, live and love. These years of experiences - and trauma - increase our risks of disease and death.

According to researchers from the CDC and Kaiser Permanente, untreated trauma significantly increases the risk of 7/10 of the leading causes of death in the United States doubling and quadrupling the chances of a person acquiring the disease(s).

So, it’s time to speak your truth and tell your story. It’s time to rid yourself of the hurt, pain and trauma.

Through the #LiveInColor workshop you will use a variety of writing and interactive activities to open your truth Chakra (known as your throat Chakra), deal and heal from trauma and use your newfound freedom to examine how your life experiences have shaped who you are and how speaking your truth can help you move forward living life in COLOR.

This two-hour workshop is guaranteed to open your eyes, mind and heart to finding your truth and living it unapologetically. By the conclusion of the workshop you will walk away with a new understanding of your experiences and will make a commitment to #LIVEINCOLOR.

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