Intersections: Arts + Affordable Housing

Friday, May 17, 2019
As Charlotte-Mecklenburg grows, how can we leverage creativity to build strong communities and keep our region affordable?

Join us for a morning of learning and discussion regarding the many ways art and artists can help strengthen and support equitable affordable housing and community development initiatives.

Artists, researchers, and facilitators from ArtPlace America and the Center for Performance and Civic Practice will share examples from around the country of how creative community development projects and placemaking strategies are helping to meet affordable housing goals. Artists and civic leaders from Nashville and Charlotte will also add their voices to the conversation, sharing poetry, photography, and more.

We invite affordable housing advocates, developers, policymakers, artists, civic leaders and community members for an interactive community building and learning session. Join us to strengthen our collective knowledge about these innovative new forms of partnerships, and brainstorm how we might build work together in Charlotte-Mecklenburg that benefits all.

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