Covered Tracks: A Live Murder Mystery Experience

Friday, April 16, 2021
In Covered Tracks, socially distanced groups will be led through an immersive outdoor murder investigation. Meet the suspects, gather clues, and solve the crime.

Travel back to 1937 and solve the murder of a technology titan, found dead inside the Presidential Car of the train he designed himself. The eight remaining passengers are all well-known figures from high society. Now they are all suspects. One of them is the murderer, but are any of them completely innocent? You be the judge.

You and a small group of investigators will hear suspects’ testimony, gather clues and hold your own interrogations. In this immersive, interactive, outdoor experience, you’ll have the chance to interview suspects and explore our unique host sites. Additional dates and host sites, including Duke Mansion and Van Landingham Estate, available on our website.

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