Conversations with Curtis: Greg Jarrell on spirituality, justice, and jazz

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
This month, we explore jazz, spirituality, and the society in which we live. Music Director Greg Jarrell, vocalist Dawn Anthony and Ministers W. Benjamin Boswell and Matthew Caine of Myers Park Baptist Church join Curtis Davenport to explore these interconnections.

“Justice, spirituality and race have always been part of American life,” says Greg Jarrell. Much of the jazz tradition grew up from the church, and also developed its voice in the reconstruction era. There is a natural connection. Recently this conversation has resurged, Greg sees opportunity stemming from the pandemic, and discusses the way in which music can facilitate dialogue.

Joining us will be:
Greg Jarrell, Saxophonist & Jazz Music Director
W. Benjamin Boswell, Senior Minister
Matthew Caine, Minister of Music & Worship
Dawn Anthony, vocalist & music educator

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