CHD:WCK! Solo Exhibition

Saturday, March 14, 2020
We are proud to announce a rotating wall for artists to show their work. Every Second Saturday of the month a local upcoming artist will be selected to have a group or solo exhibition.

This month we are proud to show Chad Cartwright


CHD:WCK!, is a non-traditionally trained (self-taught) Visual Artist, whose aesthetic tastes were shaped in and around East, Orange New Jersey.

Whether working with paper, paint, inanimate objects, or nude figures, his work is fueled by an enduring fascination with raw texture, strong lines, soft curves, and anything thing oddly beautiful. This leads to a unique approach to creating artwork that is equally challenging, enticing, and refreshing.

CHD:WCK!’s work has been on display at museums and galleries in Charlotte and along the East Coast. You can find more CHD:WCK! on-line at or @chdwckart (twitter/Instagram).

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