Be A Lion

Friday, December 6, 2019
Winner of Broadway World’s 2017 Best Musical and Best Musical Director. Seven Nominations for the 2018-19 MTA Awards.

Be A Lion picks up where the wiz left off. It answers the question, what happens now? After Dorothy clicked her heels and found her way home, Oz was left without a leader. Total chaos takes over. A second-generation evil monkey witch rightfully named “Damneesha” manages to seize all of OZ. Her mission is to avenge the murder of her mother. Who better to restore order in the Emerald City than The Lion?

Be A Lion is fun for the entire family. We are introduced to new characters as well as the familiar ones. 17 original songs that would have you singing them long after the performance. It’s like taking the singers from Motown and Hamilton and putting them in Oz.

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