#ASATA: A Seat at the Table Awards

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Black women are courageous, strong, intelligent, trendsetting, beautiful and resilient. They stand at the center of their families and a driving force in their communities. However, despite their greatness, black women’s contributions are often overlooked and taken for granted. Not anymore.

Davita Galloway and Brandi Williams, APR, will honor the contributions of black women in Charlotte during an awards ceremony held Sunday, March 18th at Camp North End. This happening, rightfully entitled, A Seat At the Table Awards, or ASATA, will celebrate and uplift black women in the Queen City. With unconventional award categories such as “She is Her, She is Dope, She Got Juice, and She is Sincere' to name a few, ASATA is providing the opportunity for us to finally be recognized and have our say!

“There are so many black women that make contributions to Charlotte and surrounding areas, but they don’t get recognition,” said ASATA co-founder Brandi Williams, APR. “We wanted to provide an opportunity for the sistas who aren’t in the establishment to get recognized for the work they put in daily. We should know these sistas because their contributions are helping make us stronger as a people and a community.” Meet them, in all of their varieties, at ASATA!
Camp North End
1824 Statesville Ave. Charlotte, NC 28206
Start Time
3:00 pm
End Time
6:00 pm
Event Category