Afrofuturism Fest (un)Conference

Saturday, August 14, 2021
Blktech Interactive is Design Thinking social justice issues on August 14 at the 2021 #unconference as part of the 2021 Afrofuturism Fest. Get your tickets, apply to vend/sponsor/volunteer here
Keynote Speaker Ytasha Womack
Ideation Session facilitated by Brandon Crooms (Charlotte native & entrepreneur)
International Collaboration Panel with Juliana Rotich, Gameli Adzaho, Babasile Daniel Oladele-Emmanuel,, and Sherrell Dorsey moderator
Makers Space curated by Charla Fields of Tresata
Comic Book Workshop
Job Fair
and more

A unique/Innovation convening with a cross-sectional/aggregation of present and future Black creatives, techies, makers, designers, scientists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs.
• Pushing the idea, envelope & state of the art of BlackTech & links to the innovations of Afrofuturism
• A collision of designers, techies, makers, entrepreneurs, creatives, scientists with culturally relevant programming.