Opinion | My African history could shape your American future

This election is not about Joe or Kamala. It’s about the empathetic, inclusive and more effective ways they will govern.
By Bo Machayo | October 30, 2020

From prison to restaurant owners, men behind Renaldo’s Culinary Experience open up about their journey

Chef Renaldo Norris and Mario Recinos opened Renaldo’s Culinary Experience four years ago to show former offenders that they have a second chance at life.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 28, 2020

DaBaby’s new crib makes waves in small-town Troutman

Neighbors complain about guard towers, stadium lighting and armed entourage.
By Tony Mecia and Cristina Bolling, Charlotte Ledger | October 26, 2020

The ‘dignity of home’: Brookhill residents, advocates share culture often overlooked about the historic community

Brookhill Village residents reflect on their community roots and express the impact of potential displacement as redevelopment decision looms.
By Katrina Louis | October 23, 2020

CMS Superintendent diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy after showing symptoms during meeting

CMS says Superintendent Earnest Winston is doing fine after displaying symptoms of facial paralysis during a virtual leadership meeting Tuesday.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 20, 2020

Community gathers to remember Mothers of Murdered Offspring co-founder

Judy Howard Williams, MOM-O co-founder, died last Saturday after battling lung cancer. She was 69.
By Katrina Louis | October 16, 2020

How George Floyd’s death inspired 2 former police officers to rejoin CMPD

While residents protested the death of unarmed Black people, two men returned to their duty as officers to help bridge a divided community.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 13, 2020

‘I will not be put into a box’: Media personality Ohavia Phillips proudly embraces her Afro-Latina heritage

The local influencer shares how her diverse heritage fuels her passion for community and drives her work in media.
By Janey Tate | October 13, 2020

These swimmer sisters want to get rid of the stereotype that ‘Black people can’t swim’

The Florida natives say learning to swim is critical for the Black community. Research shows higher drowning rates in Black children compared to other groups.
By Jonathan Limehouse | October 12, 2020

Catching up with The Singletons, the Charlotte couple that went viral

We chatted with Ray and Roslyn Singleton. A video of Ray singing to his wife, Roslyn, who was battling brain cancer, went viral earlier this year.
By Katrina Louis | October 5, 2020