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A monster of a disappointment


Aside from its amazing 3D effects, "Monsters vs Aliens" is nothing more than a generic kids’ movie that lets its visuals do all the heavy lifting.

Report: More blacks continue moving to the South

For the second straight decade, African Americans are leaving big cities in the North and Midwest in favor of the Southern states they once fled en masse.

African American-Latino summit set for Saturday

The six-hour event at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is meant to explore ways blacks and Latinos can forge stronger alliances, organizers say.

Three inducted into the Women’s History Hall of Fame

In addition to Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma Leake, inductees also include civic leader Joan Zimmerman and Mecklenburg community health administrator Cheryl Silver-Emanuel.

Can Billy come out and Play?

Shenan Robinson and Latrina Harris own the franchise for PlayDate Charlotte. They want to get you out of the club and onto the Twister mat.

Remembering John Hope Franklin

A day after the noted historian died at a Durham hospital, those who knew him say Franklin was more than a historian; he helped define what it means to be an American

‘Style is derived from one’s personality’


Jelani Ford appreciates the classic look. A nice suit, he says, can take a man a long way. But what is the item he simply can’t do without? Read our Q&A to find out.

India.Arie tickets now on sale

India.Arie is bringing her "Soulbird" tour to the Qcity. This will be her first Charlotte visit in seven years.

In Memory: Louise C. Brown

Mrs. Brown died March 21, 2009

Target donates $70,000 to CMS schools

The money will support reading initiatives at 11 struggling schools where a high percentage of students are African American.

John Hope Franklin dies in Durham

The 94-year-old historian was one of the nation’s most respected intellectuals. His body of work defined the African American experience like no other had done before.

In Memory; James P. Jones

Mr. Jones died Saturday, March 21.

In Memory: Robert Lee Chatman

Mr. Chatman died Thursday, March 14

In Memory: James Washington

Mr. Washington died Tuesday, March 24.

It’s College Sunday at C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church

The congregation will welcome students and alumni from several colleges and universities at its 9:30 a.m. worship service on Sunday, March 29. Wear your college attire!


It’s time that a black person reviewed “The Book of Mormon”

I finally admitted I was totally offended and there wasn’t a damn thing funny.


How Michelle Williams triggered my memories of depression

Recent news about former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams checking into a medical facility for depression triggered a memory about...


Charlotte is testing a plan that could eliminate food waste from our landfills

A pilot program to compost the food we throw out is being tested in eight historically black communities in northwest...


Pew report reveals trend about black millennial faith

Black millennials ‘stay prayed up,’ according to Pew report

When it comes to faith, black millennials are spiritually inclined and low maintenance but always questioning purpose.


Meet Daisha Haynesworth, a Qcity Newcomer

A chance for better weather and a vibrant social scene was enough to lure Haynesworth from Cleveland to Charlotte.


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