3 reasons the Panthers should lose Sunday


Make that 4 reasons -- if you count this prediction
By admin | December 26, 2008

NBA hits point of embarrassment in Charlotte


Love the Bobcats or hate them. But please, do anything to prove we are a better NBA city than Toronto
By admin | December 24, 2008

Panthers’ inspired performance needs perspective


The Panthers showed they are poised, physical and talented in their Sunday night loss to the Giants. But the euphoria around here has to be short-lived.
By admin | December 22, 2008

Why don’t whites read black authors?


The accepted wisdom of the publishing industry is that books by black authors should be marketed to black audiences.
By admin | December 21, 2008

The case for an auto bailout


When conditions are so fragile, we can’t risk another economic blow. When you see a hole in the dike, don’t discuss the virtues of laissez-faire policies — plug it!
By admin | December 14, 2008

Is Jesse Jr.’s political career kaput?


There's a lot of head shaking over Jacksons murky involvement in the swirl of muck engulfing Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
By admin | December 12, 2008

The Old South is new again


Old attitudes persist about race, but new arrivals could change all that. Just look at North Carolina.
By admin | December 10, 2008

Knowing when to say when


Some say our older generation of black leaders must now give way to a younger and better-educated group.
By admin | December 10, 2008

Tiger Woods as Obama’s John the Baptist


The talented, educated golfer made it acceptable for whites to embrace a black man as hero. Without Tiger Woods, there would be no Barack Obama.

By admin | December 5, 2008