Opinion | Beatties Ford Road: Still a symbol of tradition and hope

There’s one Beatties Ford Road, and we have to work together to build a corridor – and a city – where everyone can thrive.
By Malcolm Graham | July 1, 2020

Opinion | Black Press Matters

Promises from White America “to do better” must include supporting Black media.
By Kallan Louis | June 19, 2020

Opinion | Time to criminalize unnecessary use of war weapons on American citizens

Rep. Alma Adams introduced the Right to PROTEST Act following recent use of chemical agents on peaceful protesters.
By Rep. Alma S. Adams | June 19, 2020

Opinion | Why I’m torn about this sudden surge of Black love

People are willing to talk about race with more empathy and nuance than I ever thought possible. Still, I’m wrestling with questions.
By Jonathan McFadden | June 16, 2020

Opinion | Black businesses: Grow for today, scale for tomorrow

Business growth pays the bills, but scaling a business can pay for generations.
By Shante Williams | June 15, 2020

Analysis | Defunding CMPD and reactions from city council

Voices from the June 8 city council vote to withhold funding for tear gas purchases.
By Glenn Burkins | June 9, 2020

Opinion: If Charlotte is lucky, Trump will take his convention elsewhere

Three reasons why our city is better off not hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention.
By Glenn Burkins | June 3, 2020

Opinion | Burdens may be unprecedented, but they don’t have to be insurmountable

The pandemic is reflecting the racial and socioeconomic disparities that exist in our community. We must engage those whose lives have been upended.
By Chris Jackson | May 4, 2020

Opinion | We can’t afford to lose more Black moms during childbirth

We have a maternal mortality crisis in the United States, and the coronavirus pandemic will likely make the crisis worse.
By Rep. Alma S. Adams | April 16, 2020

Why the book ‘Wilmington’s LIE’ and the events of 1898 are relevant today

Understanding the past often identifies how the same goals that created our segregated society are still at work today.
By Peter and Mary Kelly | February 6, 2020