Opinion | Charlotte voters need to hear about the bonds on the ballot

Without more information, there is no guarantee that voters will support the nearly $200 million in capital spending on this year's ballot.
By Jennifer Roberts | September 11, 2020

Opinion | How NC’s changing electorate will change its politics

The state's Republican party is increasingly reliant on a shrinking pool of white voters who elect only white politicians. For the health of our democracy, this must change.
By Blair Reeves | September 9, 2020

Opinion | Fair housing is key to economic equity

Creating communities with racial and economic diversity leads to better understanding of each other’s values and assurance for leveling the ability for families to live equally.
By Jacqueline O’Garrow | September 1, 2020

Charlotte’s Black media publishers open up about longevity and managing through the pandemic

Part Two of the Black Power Moves series dives into the challenges and opportunities for Charlotte’s flagship Black media companies.
By Kallan Louis | August 17, 2020

Absentee voting vs. voting in person: Which method are you choosing for Election 2020?

Five readers share their considerations for absentee voting or voting at a local polling site.
By Christine Edwards | August 15, 2020

Opinion | Black college grads end up with $25,000 more in loans than Whites. Cancel that debt.

Canceling loans for people who have been denied wealth-building opportunities is a moral and economic imperative.
By Andre Perry, The Hechinger Report | August 14, 2020

Opinion | If J. Cole is chasing hoop dreams, it should be with the Hornets

The N.C. rapper seems poised for a run in the NBA, and it should be in Buzz City.
By Kallan Louis | August 13, 2020

Opinion | Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act: It has never been more important to protect our right to vote

As we honor both the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and the spirit of Rep. John Lewis, I will not allow voter suppression to continue to be the norm in North Carolina.
By Rep. Alma S. Adams | August 6, 2020

Opinion | Beatties Ford Road: Still a symbol of tradition and hope

There’s one Beatties Ford Road, and we have to work together to build a corridor – and a city – where everyone can thrive.
By Malcolm Graham | July 1, 2020

Opinion | Black Press Matters

Promises from White America “to do better” must include supporting Black media.
By Kallan Louis | June 19, 2020