Dedicated to the brave men and women who risked it all so that all might vote.

Why I Vote

Why I vote: Mattie Marshall

"I'm from the generation that takes pride in the fact that we struggled so hard for this right to vote," says this westside community leader.

Why I vote: Ron Ancrum

Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, efforts to suppress the vote in some communities have not ended, he says.

Election 2020

Biden campaigns to Black business owners during Charlotte visit

Biden laid out a plan for Black entrepreneurs during a Black Economic Summit on Wednesday.
By Jonathan Limehouse | September 23, 2020

Democrats would extend help to half-a-million NC residents left out of Medicaid

The Democratic platform singles out the GOP governors who have resisted Medicaid expansion.
By Elvis Menayese | September 18, 2020

National Black Voter Day is here to galvanize Black voters about upcoming elections

The national initiative is an effort to boost Black voter turnout and coincides with the start of early voting.
By Jonathan Limehouse | September 18, 2020

Election 2020: Here’s what you need to know

Key dates, how to register, early voting locations and more.
By Janey Tate | September 18, 2020

In new NC ads, the Biden campaign reaches out to Black men

Shot in a Durham barbershop with local residents, the "Shop Talk" ads emphasize the importance of simply voting.
By Glenn Burkins | September 14, 2020

Opinion | Charlotte voters need to hear about the bonds on the ballot

Without more information, there is no guarantee that voters will support the nearly $200 million in capital spending on this year's ballot.
By Jennifer Roberts | September 11, 2020

Track your mail ballot like an Amazon package

North Carolina voters who opt to vote by mail can track their ballots with BallotTrax, a mail ballot locator and notification system.
By QCity Metro Staff | September 11, 2020
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