Silver Shield Security

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Having reached what some may consider an ‘epiphany’ in her life at the age of forty-one, and even now — ten years later at the age of fifty-one— Jenell is on a mission to use her experiences and knowledge to ‘secure the unsecured’ & cultivate generational wealth for her family. In 2011, she became the first African-American woman of the Carolinas to embark on a journey to own and operate a home security business that is quickly skyrocketing to notoriety. The father of her children first started the SILVER SHIELD SECURITY business in Atlanta, GA., but after his untimely death in 2011, Jenell opted to expand the company to the North and South Carolina regions. 

After closely examining the security market in these 2 areas, Jenell realized that many individuals were denied the right to feel safe and secure within their homes and businesses, simply because they did not have satisfactory credit, or because they could not commit to a 1-2 year contract with a company.  For the sake of ALL consumers, and their inherent right to feel protected, she elected to offer security services with no credit check and no binding contract. Her blueprint is one that has been accepted and well respected amongst business operators, home owners, and even those who rent apartments and condos. It is also feared by sizeable corporations in the security realm. Silver Shield offers state-of-the-art monitoring technology at affordable rates and unmatched customer service. Though small in comparison to larger security entities, Jenell has built her business on the ideals of inclusion, consistency, and protection for ALL.’

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