Why are you single? Qcity locals gather to discuss being alone

Documentary explores being Christian and single. Is anyone really OK with it?
By Michaela Duckett | April 4, 2016

People of the CIAA

Photo Gallery: Scene during CIAA in uptown Charlotte, Saturday, February 27, 2016.
By Michaela Duckett | February 28, 2016

In ‘The Children of Children Keep Coming,’ Quentin Talley tells the story of black history in America

Directed and narrated by Quentin Talley, "The Children of Children Keep Coming" is based on the epic poem by Russell L. Goings and spans generations of black Americans, from slavery to present day. (Photo: Gena J. Photography)
By Michaela Duckett | January 28, 2016

The charm of Berrybrook

A visit to Berrybrook Farm Natural Food Pantry is much like taking a trip back in time. Located on East Boulevard, it boasts of being the Qcity’s oldest natural food pantry.

By Michaela Duckett | May 11, 2012