No, I won’t ‘humble’ myself before law enforcement

I commend former FBI agent Quentin Williams for his efforts to save black lives, but I can't agree with his advice that we should "humble" ourselves when confronted by law enforcement officers.
By Glenn Burkins | April 14, 2015

Former FBI agent tells CPCC students how to avoid fatal encounters with police

As the nation grapples with the latest case of a white police officer killing an unarmed black man – this […]
By Glenn Burkins | April 8, 2015

Leo Ortez: Qcitynewcomer

Leo Ortiz moved to Charlotte to open the new Microsoft Store in SouthPark Mall. Shortly thereafter, he had his most memorable moment thus far.
By Glenn Burkins | March 18, 2015

Entrepreneur buys former Jinwright funeral home building

Boston said he closed on the building at 4300 Statesville Road on Oct. 1 and has done extensive repair. He has scheduled an open house for Dec. 7.
By Glenn Burkins | November 18, 2014

Qcitymetro’s Top 10 African American Newsmakers of 2011

It’s almost time for lights out on 2011. And since the end of year is nigh, we — the folks […]
By Glenn Burkins | December 25, 2011

Phillip Agnew: Our 2011 Newsmaker of the Year

In early June, Agnew was arrested at the EpiCentre entertainment complex in uptown Charlotte after he refused a security guard’s demand that he either straighten his hat or leave. Believing himself a victim of racial discrimination, he opted to do neither.
By Glenn Burkins | December 24, 2011

Phillip Agnew answers his critics

Phillip Agnew believes he was a victim of racial discrimination, but many African Americans in the Qcity disagree. On June […]
By Glenn Burkins | July 20, 2011

EpiCentre officials are hurt by their silence

“We just have no comment at this time.” That was the response we got when Qcitymetro called the corporate offices […]
By Glenn Burkins | June 17, 2011

Phillip Agnew talks about his arrest at the EpiCentre

Agnew is calling for a boycott of the EpiCentre. He says he wants an admission of “discriminatory practices” and a public apology.
By Glenn Burkins | June 15, 2011

Jinwrights are sentenced to prison

A federal judge late Thursday sentenced Bishop Anthony Jinwright to nearly nine years in prison for conspiracy and tax evasion. His wife, Harriet Jinwright, was sentenced to nearly seven years.

By Glenn Burkins | December 9, 2010