Juneteenth celebration back in drive

Covid-19 put the brakes on original plans, but community advocates came together to put the event back on track.
By Brandi Williams | June 14, 2020

RIP: 5 of the best black-owned Charlotte restaurants that have said goodbye

Take a tasty look down memory lane with these five Charlotte restaurants. Which one was your favorite?
By Brandi Williams | August 27, 2018

How Michelle Williams triggered my memories of depression

Recent news about former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams checking into a medical facility for depression triggered a memory about […]
By Brandi Williams | July 25, 2018

Why I don’t want the Republican National Convention in Charlotte

If social and economic mobility is what we claim as our focus, bringing the RNC to Charlotte would be in direct conflict to that.
By Brandi Williams | July 9, 2018

31 signs you’re a native Charlottean: black edition

A list published last week by CharlotteFive.com didn't ring true with some of Charlotte's black natives, so one decided to compile a list of her own.
By Brandi Williams | March 26, 2018

Opinion: Diversity is best for all CMS students

In an open letter to school board members, Qcity resident Brandi Williams says its time to deconstruct the current system to create equity and fairness for all CMS families.
By Brandi Williams | February 22, 2016