About the show

“Funny Girl” follows Fanny Brice as she desperately works to become a star in New York during the 1920s.

The musical’s famous score includes songs like “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and “People”. Fanny, played by Katerina McCrimmon, lights up the stage with her voice and comedy.

The entire cast nails the early New Yorker accent throughout the show, while the costumes and set design immerse the audience into the ’20s.

Choosing a favorite

It was easy to choose “Don’t Rain On My Parade” as my favorite song of the night. The song is performed just as Fanny has to decide whether to follow her boyfriend to New York or continue on tour to Chicago.

Despite her friends’ advice, she chooses New York, making her love life go head-to-head with her career aspirations as an entertainer.

Another aspect of the show I enjoyed was Fanny’s mother. Played by Melissa Manchester, Mrs. Brice is the overbearing, opinionated, but comical type of mom. She provides much comedic relief and advice to Fanny when she needs it most.

What I wish was different

Maybe it was because I had never seen the movie or musical before, but I could’ve used a bit more context in between songs. I found myself asking my fan-girl friend a few questions at intermission and after the show ended.

Drink of the night

The themed drink, called Shining Star, was a mildly sweet, bubbly mix. Made with champagne and strawberry puree, it was surprisingly satisfying. I expected a true cocktail — something with liquor — like what I’ve experienced at other shows, but this one was pretty good.

Final verdict

“Funny Girl” is a must-see for musical and comedy lovers. The main character, Fanny, keeps the audience laughing throughout the show.

Plus, you’ll probably find yourself singing along to some of the show’s popular songs.

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