Janelle Monae performs at Skyla Amphitheatre in Charlotte. (Amanda Harry/QCity Metro)

Janelle Monae’s “The Age of Pleasure Tour” landed in Charlotte on Oct. 2, and the Grammy-nominated singer gave fans an unforgettable show.

With outfit changes, callbacks to old favorites and unexpected opening acts, Monae lived up to her reputation as an exciting pop-funk performer.

1. Callbacks to old favorites

Janelle Monae performed several of her hits throughout the show. Many of them were from her most recent album and the tour’s namesake, “The Age of Pleasure,” however, the singer also performed earlier fan favorites like “Electric Lady,” “Metropolis” and “Tightrope,” among others.

2. Local opener

Charlotte’s very own Sainted Trap Choir was the first opener of the night and gave the audience a medley of songs to warm up for the show. The choir is known for performing across genres, including gospel, Hip Hop and R&B.

Flyana Boss performs ahead of Janelle Monae in Charlotte. (Amanda Harry/QCity Metro)

3. Social media starlets

The lyrics “Hello, Christ? I’m ‘ bout to sin again” sent the audience into a welcomed chaos during Flyana Boss’ second opener set. When Janelle Monae added the rappers to her tour back in August, it marked their first tour and opportunity to celebrate the success of the viral hit song “You Wish.” Flyana Boss added even more excitement to the amphitheater as the crowd anticipated Janelle Monae. The duo also performed a new song that samples “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the crowd seemed to love it.

Janelle Monae performs “Tightrope” and “Come Alive” in Charlotte. (QCity Metro/QCity Metro)

4. Outfit changes

Janelle Monae is well-known for her over-the-top fashions and sense of style on the red carpet. She brought the same energy to her show in Charlotte, alternating between modest, totally-covered looks and nearly-nude ensembles. Her outfits felt like a reflection of her music and creativity– sometimes quiet, sometimes bold.

5. False endings

The “Lipstick Lover” singer kept the crowd on their toes all night. From the high-energy performances to the fake endings, Janelle Monae never let on what was actually coming next. More than once during the show, she began to thank the crowd and then took a bow, signaling the end of the show. As people began to stand and leave, Monae’s band played another song, delighting the crowd.

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