Amaya and Theophilus Woodley outside Adrenaline in Uptown Charlotte. (Courtesy of Amaya Woodley)

A new black-owned cycling studio is set to open later this fall in Uptown Charlotte. 

Adrenaline CLT is a boutique fitness space that will offer weekly group exercise classes for men and women.

Guests can expect high-energy workouts paired with curated playlists of R&B and hip hop hits, personalized by co-owner Amaya Woodley.

“It’s a safe space for the Black community, for all fitness levels,” Woodley said. 

She said that cycling classes are often female-dominated, but Adrenaline wants to ensure they create space for all genders by including both men and women in their marketing campaigns.

Woodley, who began cycling in 2017, told QCity Metro the idea to open a cycling studio came during the pandemic. She noticed that several local studios closed, which created a need for them.

Woodley and her husband, Theophilus, are opening the studio alongside her aunt and uncle, Heather and Darrell Harding.

Owners of Adrenaline. From left to right: Heather Harding, Darrel Harding (back), Amaya Woodley, Theophilus Woodley (back). (Courtesy of Amaya Woodley)

I introduced the idea to my husband, we talked about it and casually mentioned the concept to my aunt and uncle,” Woodley said. “They loved it. They believed in it so much that they wanted to invest in the business.”

After establishing a business plan, the group began conceptualizing what the space would be in 2022. Earlier this year, they moved into their Uptown space and are now fine-tuning details ahead of their fall opening.

For Woodley, opening Adrenaline is a chance to build generational wealth alongside her family and promote healthy living. 

“I’m a new mom, [and] I have a two-year-old, so I think about the issues that plague the Black community. I want to assist in breaking those stigmas and stereotypes…and provide an outlet for healthier lifestyles,” Woodley said.

Inside Adrenaline; lower level. Photo taken before completion. (Courtesy of Amaya Woodley)

Andrenaline’s main focus is cycling, but Woodley told QCity Metro the brand could offer more in the future. She said they chose the name Adrenaline intentionally; it’s open-ended, she said, and could allow for opening other types of fitness spaces, such as yoga or pilates, one day. 

Adrenaline is located at 120 N. Cedar Street, Suite 725. The studio’s official opening date hasn’t been set, but the expected launch is around late October.

For more information, visit Adrenaline’s website or Instagram.

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