Walking is becoming one of the newest “trends” in the health and fitness world. By now you may have heard of “Hot Girl Walks” or “Silent Walking”, which are some of the catch phrases referencing variations of outdoor strolls. While walking is not a new activity, it is being rebranded to be more enticing to the younger generation and highlighted to be one of the most effective activities to improve mental and physical health. 

There are many benefits to making outdoor walking a priority. It helps to stabilize moods, prevent and manage various health conditions, and improve cardiovascular fitness. It is also a great way to get out and explore the city while being active.

For minimal health benefits, you should start out walking for 30 minutes a day at least 3 times per week. However, the most effective walking routines are 45 minutes or more at least 5 times a week at a leisure or brisk pace. 

Charlotte is full of beautiful greenways where you can enjoy a nice stroll and catch up with a friend or loved one. Check out some of my favorite greenways listed below:

WHITE WATER CENTER: Very narrow trail. Keep an eye out for bikers. Moderate to advanced trail hikes.

MCMULLEN CREEK GREENWAY: Flat. Wide Walkways. Great natural environment. 4 miles of uninterrupted easy walking. 

TOBY CREEK (UNCC) GREENWAY: Flat with moderate slopes. Wide walkways. Pretty busy. Mostly paved. Great for beginner fitness levels. 

LITTLE SUGAR CREEK GREENWAY: Wide paved walkways. Mix of natural and urban settings. Not much shade or tree covering. Great jogging trail and ideal for beginner to intermediate levels. 

BRIAR CREEK GREENWAY: Flat. Great 1 mile trail for a quick walk or run. Light traffic. Great mix of park and natural scenery. 

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