Looking to add some fun, beauty and culture to your life? The Mint Museum offers a variety of events for all ages.

Here is a look at some artful experiences happening this fall at the Mint.


“The Vault

When: Now through September 17

Where: Mint Museum Uptown

About: The Vault features objects from the private collections of four prominent Black art collectors living in Charlotte and highlights the responsibility and privilege that comes with being a custodian of Black art.

Flavors of Justice” Staff Art Exhibition

When: Now through September 20

Where: Mint Museum Uptown

About: The Mint challenged its staff to create pieces based on the question: “What does justice mean to you?” The result is a diverse range of responses and a call for understanding.

New Acquisitions: Dreamscapes/Hardscapes

Courtesy of the Mint Museum

When: Now through January 21, 2024

Where: Mint Museum Randolph

About: The Mint Museum has added more than 200 new objects to its esteemed collection throughout the past year. “New Acquisitions: Hardscapes/Dreamscapes” features a sampling of these works that span the collection, from decorative arts to contemporary works.  

“Guiding Winds”

When: Now through October 15

Where: Mint Museum Randolph

About: This multimedia installation by local artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner explores Torres-Weiner’s family history and Latinx heritage and includes items such as a flute from her grandfather and a mortar and pestle from her mother, items she brought with her when she came to the United States.

Her work also touches upon the story of three DREAMers (undocumented minors in the United States affected by the DREAM Act). Torres-Weiner’s husband created an augmented reality app that people can download on their iPhone and Android devices, letting users take pictures of the art and hear the subjects telling their stories.

“This exhibition is about my connection with my ancestors and how they guide me through this world,” she says. “I am very thankful to the Mint that I am able to talk about issues close to my heart.”

The Art of Seating: 200 Years of American Design

Janes, Beebe and Company (United States, active 1844-1857). Rustic Settee, circa 1855, painted cast iron. Collection of the Thomas H. and Diane DeMell Jacobsen Ph.D. Foundation. L2022.48.6

When: September 16, 2023 – February 25, 2024

Where: Mint Museum Uptown

About: “The Art of Seating: 200 Years of Design” has been shown at other museums, but the Mint decided to do something different with its exhibition. To start, the Mint is adding 10 new chairs to the exhibition.

The Mint’s iteration of the exhibition groups chairs by themes, such as comfort and innovations, including themes such as comfort and innovations. In addition, there will be activities to encourage visitors to engage with the content, such as a section where people can sit in different types of chairs related to those on display.

Other planned activities include letting visitors design their own chairs and take a quiz to answer the question: Which chair are you?

“We developed a number of ways for people to learn and engage with the show in ways that haven’t been done before,” says Jonathan Stuhlman, senior curator of American Art at Mint Museum Uptown. “There is something for everyone, and I think it is a fun way to think about these objects we sit in every day and probably don’t think about very much.”

“Walter Scott Lenox and American Belleek”

Ott and Brewer (Trenton, NJ , 1871-93). Basket , circa 1885, Belleek porcelain,
tinted gray, polychrome enamels. Courtesy of New Jersey State Museum. Brewer
Collection. CHG354.36

When: September 23, 2023–January 21, 2024

Where: Mint Museum Randolph

About: Delicacy, superb craftsmanship, technical virtuosity, and quirky shapes are defining qualities of the more than 80 stellar examples of 19th-century porcelain works featured in this exhibition.


Engage in artful experiences at these events happening at the Mint!

Wednesday Night Live: Catawba  Nation 101

When: September 6 | 5–9 PM

Where: Mint Museum Uptown

Cost: Free, cash bar

Enjoy drum group performances and informative presentations by Catawba Nation representatives. Wednesday Night Live is presented by Bank of America. 

Free Art Kits at Mint Museum Randolph

When: September 6-9 during museum hours, while supplies last

Where: Mint Museum Randolph Terrace

Cost: Free

Visit Mint Museum Randolph the first Wednesday through Saturday during September through December to pick up a fun all-ages project to create at home (while supplies last).

The Art of Seating: Opening Celebration”

When: September 16-17 | 11 AM-6 PM

Where: Mint Museum Uptown

Cost: Free

Enjoy free museum admission September 16-17 at Mint Museum Uptown to celebrate the opening of “The Art of Seating,” which features more than 50 examples of American seating furniture from the DeMell Jacobsen Collection. 

On September 16, enjoy activities including two rousing rounds of musical chairs, chair yoga, and a curator chat with collector Diane DeMell Jacobsen, Ph.D. 

Potters Market at the Mint

Courtesy of the Mint Museum

Where: September 23 | 9:15 AM-4 PM

When: Mint Museum Randolph

Cost: Tickets start at $20

In its 17th year, Potters Market at the Mint will feature 55 top potters working in North Carolina. The potters were selected through a competitive jury process and will exhibit and sell their best work. The event includes pottery demonstrations, live music, a beer garden, and food concessions. Potters Market at the Mint is presented by the Principal Foundation.

Party in the Park

Courtesy of the Mint Museum

When: September 24 and October 29  | 1-5 PM

Where: Mint Museum Randolph

Cost: Free

Enjoy free admission to the museum, live music, and a cash bar on the front terrace (weather permitting).

In September, enjoy a food truck contest, puppet-making station, gallery scavenger hunt, and artist demonstrations celebrating the Charlotte Guild of Artists’ 50th anniversary, plus the opportunity to see the exhibition Walter Scott Lenox and American Belleek!

For more details about this and more at the Mint Museum, visit mintmuseum.org.

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