Kibwe Ali and Adrian Cherry, who co-own a new frozen yogurt truck, each experienced the death of a loved one in the same year. Cherry lost his grandmother, while Ali lost his father. 

To honor their lost loved ones, Ali and Cherry named two frozen yogurt flavors after them: Bo’ Betta’ Blues and Betty Bacon and Waffles. 

On July 1, I Stream of Yogurt, a play on the television show “I Dream of Genie,” officially opened to the public. 

And Bo’ Betta Blues and Betty Bacon and Waffles have become popular among guests.

I Stream of Yogurt offers eight vanilla-based flavors with intriguing names like Summer in a Bottle, A.C. Caramel Latte, the Vacation Treat, Gimme S’mores and the Cookie Crumble. 

Customers can also choose from 20 different toppings, including bacon bits, sprinkles, cookie butter and others. 

‘Let’s do some yogurt’

“Believe it or not, we like yogurt, [and] I eat yogurt every day,” Ali chuckled when asked why the pair chose to sell frozen yogurt. “We used to take our kids to get yogurt at different locations throughout North Carolina [because] they [also] enjoy yogurt, and so we were just like, ‘hey, let’s do some yogurt.’”

Ali and Cherry purchased their truck in 2021 but it took nearly six months to determine what flavors would be sold. 

July 1 grand opening of I Stream of Yogurt. (Daija Peeler/QCity Metro)

Their first batch of fro-yo came from a powdered mix that Ali purchased online. He said although the taste wasn’t “bad,” the pair knew they could do better. 

“I think the [goal] was to be sort of outside of the box [because] we didn’t want to be a typical fro-yo,” Ali told QCity Metro. “We wanted something more signature, [and] along with that, we just wanted to do our own custom design.”

The truck, a 1973 Airstream Argosy, sports blue, white and orange colors with a penguin coming out of a genie bottle.

Over several months, the pair remolded the truck. They removed bedding, kitchen appliances and other furniture that were once used to inhabit it. They also hired an architect to redo the truck’s bottom and paint the outside.

Ali told QCity Metro the project cost over $100,000 to complete. 

What’s next? 

Both Ali and Cherry currently work full-time jobs, but their plan is to eventually work full-time for I Stream of Yogurt.

Additionally, the pair said they plan to serve non-dairy options and also hope to open a physical location someday. 

“I don’t think this is just a fad or phase,” Cherry said. “We’re showing our kids that yeah, it’s good to have a job, but you also have the option to be able to work for yourself. I think it’s [about] changing the narrative.” 

As of now, I Stream of Yogurt is event, or booking-based, and its next date is on July 10. 

For more information, visit their Instagram.

Daija Peeler covers arts, culture, and faith in Charlotte.

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