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I hope you are enjoying a long July 4th weekend.

I’ve put together another quiz. I hope this one will be easier than my Juneteenth quiz, which saw an average grade of “D.”

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A federal judge in Greensboro struck down challenges and ruled that North Carolina’s new abortion law could take effect July1. Under the new law, most abortions are now illegal after how many weeks of pregnancy?


Abortion isn’t the only big change taking place this year for North Carolina residents. Which of the following is also true?


Speaking of elections: Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles announced that she will seek re-election this year. If she wins, this would be her ____ term in office.


The Charlotte Hornets added four players in the 2023 NBA draft. Which of the following did the team NOT acquire?


A new exhibition opened July 1 at the Mint Museum Uptown. Called “The Vault,” the exhibition features what?

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